Things to consider while buying an engagement ring?

Getting married is the most exciting chapter of one’s life to embark on. Choosing the perfect engagement ring is one of the most challenging decisions to make. After all, it is meant to be worn and cherished for a lifetime. However, certain things should be considered before buying an engagement ring.

Try to know your fiance’s preference in jewelry.

Diamond, sapphire, ruby – there are plenty of choices. Try to know the type of setting and color of the metal preferred by your fiancée. You can even consult her mother and close friends for an idea of her preferences.

Determine the size of the ring

You may get confused regarding the engagement ring which hand. You can secretly borrow any of her rings and get them measured by a jeweller. Remember, there can be a half finger size difference between left and right hands. However, this can be adjusted easily after you have given a ring.

Should you choose a diamond?

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth and have more brilliance as compared to other gemstones. It will withstand daily wear and tear and still look beautiful for decades. It has always been the traditional choice for the engagement rings,

There are other popular gemstones too!

Sapphires and rubies are popular engagement stones after diamonds. Their high degree of hardness makes them durable for a lifetime. Emeralds are not so hard and durable like sapphires, rubies, or diamonds. However, if used with a gold setting, they will stay protected in the long term. Stones not ideal for engagement rings include Opal, which dries out and cracks with daily wear, pear.s absorb liquids and stain easily. Overall, you should avoid stones that grade below 7 in hardness on the Mohs scale.


The 4Cs stand for color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These 4Cs judge the quality of any diamond. The grading of 4Cs is used throughout the world. You should consider these 4Cs while choosing a diamond. Compare different stones and weight factors like side, color, and clarity.

Diamond certificate

The certificate documents vital statistics of a diamond-like weight, color and clarity, proportions, cut, and polish. Always ask for a certificate while purchasing a diamond for the engagement ring.

Gold versus platinum

The decision to select yellow, white, pink, gold, or platinum is a personal one. Platinum is denser, and some people enjoy this solid feel. However, platinum will get dull with age, while white gold brightens with wear. Being more ductile, platinum is used in delicate settings.

The preferable choice for an engagement ring has always been around, brilliant-cut diamond. This setting has the most brilliance and sparkle as compared to the other settings. However, make sure to examine the pieces carefully and seek expert advice. There is a wide range of designs, cuts, and settings of high quality and high value. Make sure to have some knowledge before you buy engagement ring in London. After all, an engagement ring symbolizes the bringing together of two people’s lives, and this them in a knot of love, honor, and commitment.