Buying an Emerald without burning a hole in your pocket sounds like a daunting task. Isn’t it? But since the first time, it was mined around 4000years ago, somewhere in ancient Egypt, it has been used as a royal adornment. Pliny The Elder quotes, “No colour is more delightful in appearance than the intensely green Emerald”. The Emeralds are found in different tones based on the regions of their mining, such as 50% to as high as 70-75% colour tone in finer pieces. This one-of-a-kind gemstone possesses unique characteristics and saturation that plays a crucial role in determining the Emerald Cost.

How to determine Emerald cost?

The cost of an emerald is determined based on a generalized grading system. Multiple factors are considered while determining the emerald cost. Even though there isn’t an official grading system, emeralds are generally graded based on 4 C’s – Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut Quality.

  1. Carat – 1 to 5-carat weight emeralds is the best choice for jewellery. Higher the carat weight, the cost of the emerald is higher. However, the pricing is largely dependent on the other three categories. A smaller carat weight emerald, but of great quality and cut, would be expensive than the one with a higher carat weight but low in quality.
  2. Clarity – Inherently, emerald is a fractured substance. So any impurity found in an emerald is admired and glorified. Known as ‘Le Jardin’ in French, meaning ‘the garden’, these impurities act as a reminder of its birth from nature’s lap. It takes millions of years for these inclusions to form and beautify the emerald.
  3. Colour – The hue and intensity of an emerald vary widely depending upon the place from where it is extracted. Fine emeralds are found between the tone ranges of 2 to 8. The rich darker shade of emerald is mostly preferred. An expert can name its place of origin just by the look at its colour.
  4. Cut Quality- The overall shape, width, depth and faceting of an emerald determines its cut quality. Humanly done, hence depending on his expertise, the craftsman maximizes the emerald’s colour and brilliance, making each one of it a unique piece. Best quality is a myth in emerald selection as each emerald is cut to bring its unique beauty.

Why is Emerald expensive?

If the quality factor is kept constant, the same carat weight of emerald would be more expensive than a diamond. Emeralds are considered one of the rarest of all gemstones, and their exceptional beauty stands proof to it. Cost also gets added up due to the heavy charges on mining these rarely found gemstones. The scarce availability and heavy demand raise the price of the Emerald. The same reason also makes it a lucrative investment option.

Is Emerald a risky investment?

Diamond investment is always considered a safe bet for investing your hard-earned money. It is proved to be profitable in the long run when it is certified. If your emerald lacks certification, then it can be the riskiest of all investments. BNT Diamonds certifies the emerald you wish to purchase and provides the Coloured Stone Report, where every nuance, like quality, carat, cut, etc., is mentioned in detail. An emerald with a certified laboratory report, like the BNT Diamond’s emerald, is the safest emerald investment choice.

Emerald commands the title of the most sought after gemstone. Being 20times rarer than diamonds, emeralds are valued high. Therefore, the emerald cost is on the higher end. However, the beauty and elegance of an emerald, along with its symbolism in religion to love, Emeralds can glorify any occasion that you decide to adorn them on.