Which Piercings Hurt The Most And The Least

Body piercing has been around for decades. Individuals get their body pierced as a part of different religious rituals or for personal adornment. Well, whatever be the reason, the pain of piercing is very much real, and if you are considering to get one, understanding how painful it can be will kind a help.

No wonder, since pain threshold of every individual is different, there cannot be a perfect guide to which body part piercing hurts the most. However, there are some body parts which are rated as the most painful on the piercing pain scale. Similarly, some are least painful as well.

Before you go ahead a get yourself pierced, read the details given below and prepare yourself accordingly.

Top 5 most painful piercings

  1. Nipple

Nipple piercing is considered as one of the most painful piercings. The nipple area is pretty sensitive, and thus when the needle goes through, the pain one feels is unimaginable.

  1. Anti-Tragus

This area is located opposite to the tragus on the inner ear cartilage. Many experienced piercers consider this as the most painful piercing. The needle passes through a thick cartilage causing extreme pain.

  1. Wrist

Comparatively, wrist piercing is a complicated one. Also, it can get easily irritated, and thus is considered as one of the most painful piercings.

  1. Septum

Piercing in nasal septum is quite painful. The thing is, it is not just the piercing procedure which hurts, but post piercing when the area gets sore and swollen, it can get pretty painful.

  1. Daith

This area is basically the central part of your ear. It is small and sensitive, and thus piercing there can be painful.

Top 5 least painful piercings

  1. Tongue

This piercing is definitely discomforting, but all you need to do to deal with it is just alter your eating habits for a while.

  1. Eyebrow

In this piercing, the needle simply enters a thick skin and thus the pain is quite bearable.

  1. Lips

Your lower lip is basically a safe area to carry out piercing, and is hardly painful.

  1. Naval

The procedure is simple and very little pain is experienced as the needle goes through the skin around the naval.

  1. Nostril and earlobe

These are the two most common types of piercings. So, if you want to go for painless piercings, these two areas are a perfect choice.

To conclude it can be said that if you are over concerned about the pain, talk to your piercer in advance. He/she can recommend you so numbing spray or cream which will help you go through the process easily.